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The REAL DEAL: Finally, a true Precision Pre-Roll Cannabis Smoke that is filled with quality Cannabis and delivers its unique and consistent experience. Every Time. Gone are the days of "licked and sticked" hand-rolled back room joints being your only option. Say goodbye to imposter pre-rolls that are stuffed in a cigarette tube and don't offer the easy and even burn, amazing aroma and flavor, and availability you should be able to expect from your pre-packed choice in a Pre-Roll.

Thousands of patients and adult users were instrumental in helping to identify their needs  and Hello Mello Precision Pre-Roll was the result! Each part of the process every single product and packaging component were painstakingly held to the complaints and desires of patients and adult consumers just like you. We listened, and then got to work on what would become a three-year project to deliver a groundbreaking revolutionary cannabis pre-roll.

The Cannabis in your Hello Mello Precision Pre-Rolls is hand blended by a Master Blender to exacting specifications with high quality Cannabis sourced from only the finest cultivations in California.

Testing for consistent THC and CBD content, the presence of pesticides and bacterial growth, and uninvited pests are only a few of the seven point quality control standards in place that ensure your Hello Mello Cannabis Pre-Rolls meet and exceed your expectations. 

The 12,000 square foot Manufacturing facility where Hello Mello is created is held to food-grade standards; this is no fly-by-night operation! The rolling process is very similar to that of traditional cigarettes but utilizes proprietary equipment specially designed and engineered to gently form consistent rolls without over-processing your cannabis.

Every pre-roll is precision machine wrapped in sustainable hemp fiber. Hello Mello's natural hemp wrap burns more evenly, greatly reducing the likelihood of runs that are common to other pre-roll options.

The Crutch-style filter has the familiar feel of a traditional cigarette, but features a signature high-flow design that delivers your THC and CBD while preventing accidental inhalation of bits of lit and unlit cannabis.

The inner tray is sealed tight in a modified atmosphere and oxygen-deprived environment with a special food-grade film to ensure that your pre-rolls stay as fresh and microbe-free as the day they were born.

All that, with a cherry on top: Each pack includes a Bonus Gift; our way of saying "Thanks for your loyalty".

We hope you enjoy your Hello Mello experience, and will invite your comments and product reviews within days of our exciting live product launch. Help us spread the Hello Mello Buzz!

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